A Safe Environment for Online Christian Counseling

At Safe Harbor Christian Counseling, we believe in creating a safe counseling environment for turning problems into opportunities through the Word of God and to experience significance, growth, and meaning. We offer immediate help through convenient online Christian counseling sessions from right where you are with a phone or computer.

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Online Christian Counseling From Anywhere

It's never been easier to join an online counseling session. If you have a smartphone or a computer, a helpful online video counseling session is just a few clicks or taps away. There's no need to drive to an office or meet in person. And if online video counseling doesn't work for you, we can schedule sessions over the phone or arrange to meet in person in Jacksonville, Florida. We work with you to provide the care that you need.

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Find the Online Counseling Service That's Right For You

Your past experiences do not have to define your present or your tomorrow.Through Clinical Christian counseling, you can learn how to examine your thinking, core beliefs, and relationship skills so that you may experience the fulfillment that you desire.

Why Try Online Counseling?

Many who seek counseling do so because they have “tried everything” on their own.  When we’re in distress, we try everything we can think of to alleviate difficulties and pain.  Counseling requires talking, and talking involves sifting, clarifying, releasing, and healing.  From that important process, new strategies emerge.  New skills that are more effective in dealing with problems can be learned and practiced.  Often, this doesn’t have to take long.  The counseling journey can actually be stimulating and enjoyable!

Online Substance Abuse Counseling

With more than twenty years of professional experience in treating substance abuse addictions, Dr. Beth provides a wealth of knowledge and understanding while offering online substance abuse counseling. Whether you are dealing with addiction, poor coping skills, or need help with codependency, we can meet with you where you are to offer help.

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