Marriage Counseling

Marriage can be both wonderfully fulfilling and challenging, sometimes at the same time.  If you are struggling in your marriage, get help now before it is too late to repair it.  Unravel irrational expectations and discover new ways to put the zing back in your marriage.  With some work, lots of prayer, good counsel and support, your marriage can be all God and you want it to be and more.

A few counseling sessions will help a good marriage become even better.  Learning more effective ways to communicate, managing anger, offering forgiveness, maintaining sexual integrity, and enjoying life together are ingredients for a healthy marriage.

A regular counseling “check up” may ensure marriage success!

Communication Skills

Couples generally don’t lack love or willingness. They lack the skills of communication and negotiation to overcome conflicts/problems in their relationships. Individuals sometimes bring problematic patterns into their union that begin to cause a strain on the relationship, or they form patterns of interaction and communication that are no longer working. Often, simple changes in thinking, attitude, and action can bring about quick and amazing results!

What We Will Work On

Due to the stressors of life, couples tend, over time, to develop barriers to effective communication. Therapy sessions help to identify these obstacles and provide strategies for removing the barriers and developing free and open communication with one another. Couples will evaluate their expectations of themselves and their partner to assess whether they are appropriate and to ascertain that they have healthy boundaries. Dr. Forby will review with couples the most essential needs of men and women and the individual temperament needs of their partners.