Christian Counseling Testimonials

Beth really listens. She desires to earn your trust, and does so with a sincere compassion to see her clients overcome life’s challenges by her skilled knowledge in her field. When you know someone truly cares, it makes it easier to open your heart and life and allow their guidance.

— Lisa

Beth changed my life in a way I never dreamed possible. Even though there were days throughout my journey she wasn't my favorite person, in the end, I am forever grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone!!!! She helped to make me the absolute best version of me :)

— Lynn

Beth Forby is by far the best counselor for my daughter. She received real life suggestions on how to overcome challenges with practical solutions. We have been blessed by Dr. Forby’s and her God-centered sessions.

— Sharon

Dr. Beth Forby is a great listener who offers sound counsel for consideration. She's never pushy, and her agenda is the well-being of her clients. That was my personal experience.

— Martha

Beth is a gentle but powerful soul. She has a laser-beam way of getting to the heart of the matter, whatever it is. I highly recommend her!

— Bonnie

Dr. Beth Forby truly does care about my well being to help me move through my struggles. Having a Christian Counselor who prays for me and uses the wisdom from God's word makes a huge difference. She has definitely been a main support system for me. Beth has been very helpful and has provided great feedback to help me with dealing with the specific issues going on in my life. I recommend Dr. Beth Forby 100% to anyone looking for a counselor or help with difficult situations. She is a true Blessing!

— JoAnn

Dr. Forby helped me identify issues with my thinking. I no longer identified myself as a victim. Dr. Forby is a very big part of my success today.

— Zachary

God led me to Beth at a deeply desperate time in my life. She introduced me to the peace and healing I needed in Christ, and she became my forever friend. She is one of God's most precious daughters. I couldn't recommend her more highly. She is a trusted friend and my families' go-to for counsel when the need arises. Without reservation I recommend Safe Harbor.

— Melissa

During the darkest and most challenging period in my life I was a client of Dr. Forby's. I know she saved my life, and opened my eyes to grace, and peaceful habits. Everyday I thank God for allowing me to connect with her.

— John

I felt "safe" in every way. What a pleasant environment and comforting facility. Including Dr. Forby. She is extraordinary. Her compassion, her wisdom, her guidance....She has made a difference in my life.

— Pamela

The name truly describes her practice. It's a safe place. My husband and I went through counseling with Beth and it saved our marriage! She was wonderful. She challenged us. She listened. She prayed with us. She gave us solutions. She was always very professional. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, compassionate, spirit filled counselor.

— Melissa