About Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling provides Biblical solutions to people experiencing depression, loss, grief, anxiety, anger, addiction, unemployment and other distressing life problems. Safe Harbor Christian Counseling believes in delivering life-changing information with good humor, contagious enthusiasm, and a genuine passion to communicate God’s love for people who are hurting.

Dr. Beth Forby, PhD, LCCC

Dr. Forby earned a doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. She is licensed with the National Christian Counselors Association. Dr. Forby is an ordained Minister.

Dr. Beth is a certified addiction specialist and is a professionally trained and experienced substance abuse counselor with extensive knowledge and skills in addiction and recovery. She assisted in the development of a federal pilot residential drug abuse treatment program that has now been implemented in every Federal Correctional Institution in the United States Bureau of Prisons.  She demonstrated exceptional counseling and coaching skills to develop and reinforce desired behavior. She provided leadership and structure while eliciting social/community support. 

In her role as a drug treatment specialist, she facilitated classes in substance abuse recovery, relapse prevention, criminal thinking and resistance, and interpersonal skill-building through modeling, behavior rehearsal, and cognitive restructuring. She provided individual and group therapy for personality disorders, domestic violence, self-esteem and stress, and career and values exploration.  Dr. Beth also created and expanded an Each One Reach One Mentorship program for federal inmates.

Dr. Forby has also been a social worker who provided intensive and in-home therapeutic care and support for emotionally and behaviorally troubled adolescents.  She has also worked in the public school system as a school counselor and drug prevention specialist.  In her varied career, she has 33 years of experience working with adults, couples, children, offenders and ex-offenders, and chemical dependents.